A newcomer to Toulouse?

How to get started and find your feet

Getting adjusted to a new country can be challenging. Discover French society and enjoy the experience with the help of the Frog Pond.

The tutorial “When in France … do as the French do” provides you with all the necessary tools and cultural knowledge to make your first 100 days & beyond a success !

* You will be guided on how to go about administrative procedures efficiently

* You will discover what Toulouse has to offer with regard to quality of living

* You will learn about how French society in general works : a little history, its economy and more …

Via the blog you will find out what’s going on in Toulouse. It is a window to the Toulouse of “les toulousains” and you will learn how to get involved and rapidly get in contact with the locals. The blog has an environmental and ecological flavour to it : promoting the short distribution channels, the fab labs and other sustainable activities.

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The Frog Pond also proposes personalized accompaniment on request for :

– administrative procedures

– recommendations and establishing contacts with health, well-being and home maintenance services.