About the Frog Pond

The green frog...

As a one day newcomer to Toulouse, I have been in your place and know what you are experiencing. Life being life, there have been ups and downs but I have come to love this country and its people and am proud to say that I have now a lot of French in me. This puts me in a good position to give you some tips about how to get along in your new environment and support you in your first steps.

After a long career in administration and marketing in international companies, I decided to exit the corporate world and devote my attention to helping newcomers integrate their new environment. In my previous jobs I very often helped visiting colleagues from abroad, answering their questions and solving their problems and much enjoyed doing so. Now I will make this my job and will do my best to provide you with the information relevant to making your arrival and first steps as pleasant as possible.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland but now have dual citizenship Irish/French. I am married to a French man and have two children born and raised in Toulouse.