Occitanie, a quick preview …

Travelling on the metro you may wonder why the stations are called out in two languages. The other language you will hear is Occitan. Street names are also given in both French and Occitan.

Toulouse is the capital of the Region Occitanie which covers 13 counties and 4454 towns and villages. The region is named after the larger cultural and historical region of Occitania where the language, la langue d’Oc was and is still spoken by some. The language and culture are cousins of Catalan.

Medieval villages at less than 100km from Toulouse

To discover the many villages classified “beautiful villages of France” visit www.tourism-occitanie.co.uk.

Villages I would recommend without any hesitation are Cordes-sur-ciel, Bruniquel, Penne, Castelnau de Montmiral and Puycelsi.

Discovering Occitanie

If someone asked you if you know the South-West of France, you may reply that you know Bordeaux and Toulouse and would like to spend time in the Basque country and in the Pyrenees. You may have heard of Carcassonne and Montpellier (especially if you are a rugby fan for the latter). 

The Occitanie Region is geographically located in the South-West of France and it is the second-largest region in France in terms of surface.  

Here’s a secret : you need to discover Occitanie because it is fast becoming a successful tourist destination.

I recently met a lady who has put together lots of interesting information and lovely photos to help you discover Occitanie. 

Her website is called  My Beautiful Occitanie

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