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Best places to live rankings

30 towns and villages close to Toulouse and the city of Toulouse itself are included in a French report on best places to live.  Actu Toulouse

Driving to the mountains this Winter ?

The French government has issued a legal requirement starting November 1st that cars must be equipped with winter tyres, or have chains or socks in the car boot when driving in the mountains this Winter. This aim is to avoid road congestion. 

48 departments located in the mountains including the Pyrenees are concerned by this new law.

Failure to comply with the new rule will not be sanctioned this coming winter season 2021/2022

Discover the nature trails near you

Download the new app “Decathlon Outdoor”:

The application lists thousands of nature trails to be discovered in the four corners of France. A family walk in the forest, a day trip by bike, a hike to discover the local fauna and flora… There is something for everyone.

Ideas for your team building events ! 

A new Virtual Room has opened its doors in Labege. It is a mixture of the escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience. Teams will work together to solve problems and use their brain power and logic to complete the tasks. Virtual Room Toulouse seems like fun !! 

For more information and to request a quote see here in the link  :

Why not organise a quiz evening for your team in The Quiz Room recently opened in the Arènes district. 

The quiz can be tailor made.  For details check here :

Did you know ?  

The Théâtre du Capitole” are proposing a “pass jeune”

With the “pass jeune” (reserved for under 27yrs) you can attend 4 performances including ballet, concerts by the Toulouse national orchestra and Opera for 20€.

Check here for tickets

You may be required to show proof of your age at the entrance

Free entrance to Museums every 1st Sunday of the month !

Every 1st Sunday of the month, museums in Toulouse are free for all.  Careful only permanent exhibits are included in the offer. List of museums 

Definitely worth a visit !

Have you heard of “La Halle de la Machine” ?  It is definitely one of cultural Toulouse’s must sees. Located on one of France’s oldest airplane runways in the Montaudran district, the Halle is filled with performance machines of all sizes, from the smallest which can be held in the palm of your hand to the biggest weighing up to several tons. The team of designers and mechanics work together to build unusual theatre objects, usually by reusing old and obsolete parts giving them a new and unexpected purpose.  Each machine has its history and tells a different story . A visit to La Halle de la Machine is the certainty of being amazed at the wonderful creativity that brings objects to life.

Opening times : Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm. During school holidays opening times are extended from Tuesdays to Sundays 10:00am to 6.00pm.

Group reservations are possible on request during the week outside school holidays.

Take a look at the agenda

Coronovirus update ! 

An efficient way to book an appointment to be vaccinated is to use the “vitemadose” website

Important information for foreign nationals wishing to enter France or already in France can be found in the links below :


What's going on in Toulouse ...

The fastest way to find out what’s going on in Toulouse is to check out the Toulousescope newsletter :

Moving in (or out) ?

If you need to seal off your street or use some car parking spaces for your arrival to your appartment, you can lodge a request to the Mairie not less than 5 days beforehand. You can use the online service on the Mon Toulouse website

Parking spaces to rent

3000 parking spaces are available for renting maybe somewhere close to where you live.   You don’t need to live in the apartment locations to have access to the scheme.  For more information see here  : Parking spaces

Administrative procedures is an online portal for all administrative procedures. 

Create your account and apply for the montoulouse card  

It gives access to  sports and cultural activities and also transport. It can be used for payment and you can also benefit from discount features.

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